You Have 77 Days Left To

Periodically, I will walk my members through an exercise called “The Next 90 Days.”  The exercise challenges them to hone in on one issue that could significantly improve some aspect of their life. For the next 90 days, they are encouraged to devote an hour a day to that end.  The idea is that less is more..

Tomorrow Your Company Will Look Very Different

Brian’s daughter, Carrie, teaches fourth grade in an inner city school in St. Paul.  In her class, twelve different languages and dialects are spoken.  (There are 125 different languages and dialects spoken in the St. Paul school system!)  Her students represent different races, religions and vastly different socio-economic backgrounds.  There are translators available and several students attend ESL (English as a

Are Your Conversations Fierce Or Fuzzy?

My boss Bob was a dominating bully.  His idea of brainstorming was to disparage each suggestion until everyone at the table shut up and his idea was the only one left standing.   

You CAN Build A Great Team!

A critical task every business owner faces is finding the right people to take their business to the next level.  But this is like making a rhetorical statement.  Everyone knows it’s true, but how do you accomplish it?

Guts, Persistence & Willpower

Ah, to be slimmer, more fit, healthier, richer!  If you have ever started a self-improvement program, you know what a challenge it is to stay on track.   

Question The Unquestioned

Early in my career I worked in the engineering department for a Fortune 500 company.  Two or three times a week Bill, the Department Manager walked down the halls bombarding every employee with the following questions. “Hey!  How’s it going? Are you busy?