You Can’t Buy Loyalty!

Coupons won’t do it.  Reducing your prices won’t do it; there’s always someone willing to make less money than you.  Inspiring loyalty means you have to build value into the very fabric of your business – excellent products supported by dedicated and friendly people. Make (and keep) your big promises What you do after making the sale may be more

Where Do You Keep The Ketchup?

When we consider diversity in the workplace, we often react negatively, thinking of being required to hire xx% of employees representing different races and ethnic backgrounds.Scott Page, Professor of Complex Systems at the University of Michigan, takes a different approach.  Instead of pondering moral questions like, “Why can’t we all get along?” he asks; “How can we all be more

2016 The Year To Stop Putting Off

The first of the year is a time to start new things: the diet, the exercise program or learning a new skill.  But are there issues hovering from the past that need to be confronted?   

The End Is At hand! Are You Ready?

Sounds ominous.  This is the time to wrap up 2015 and plan for 2016!  Have you been so busy dealing with the day to day activity of your business that you’ve given little consideration to the annual taxes, budget, goals, etc. for 2016?  Don’t feel like the Lone Ranger, many are in the same boat.   

Looking For Love In All The Wrong Places?

This may be the title of a Country Western song, but it’s also an issue some business owners face as they try to hire new employees. The following comment was made by a business owner who has been looking for just the right person for several months: “There’s no one worth hiring these days. We’ve interviewed lots of applicants, but for one

Free Your Inner Genius

I have a member whose manufacturing company has been doing “OK” with existing customers, but she’s unhappy about its slow growth.  She brought this issue to a roundtable meeting: What could she do to be more proactive, to grow her company more aggressively?   

4 Ways To Give Customers What They Want

Everyone needs to understand their customers better, but it’s getting harder and harder. Here is what’s happening: Customers are less loyal than they used to be and far less trusting, especially in industries hard hit during the financial crisis. Customers are more powerful than ever before; think easy, on-line comparison shopping, social media and increased choices. Economic uncertainty and abundant

You Have 77 Days Left To

Periodically, I will walk my members through an exercise called “The Next 90 Days.”  The exercise challenges them to hone in on one issue that could significantly improve some aspect of their life. For the next 90 days, they are encouraged to devote an hour a day to that end.  The idea is that less is more..

Tomorrow Your Company Will Look Very Different

Brian’s daughter, Carrie, teaches fourth grade in an inner city school in St. Paul.  In her class, twelve different languages and dialects are spoken.  (There are 125 different languages and dialects spoken in the St. Paul school system!)  Her students represent different races, religions and vastly different socio-economic backgrounds.  There are translators available and several students attend ESL (English as a