Where everybody knows your name

Linda here. Boyceville, Wisconsin – my home town. Most months I spend a weekend in Boyceville with my 90-year-old father and nephew Charlie.  Our Friday night ritual is to go downtown for fish and chips at the Buckshot Bar. As we sat waiting for our food last Friday, I watched people come in, greet each other by their first name,

Are you the sharpest tack in the pack?

Linda here. Of all the jobs I’ve had in my career, my favorite (other than Raven Performance Group) was with Job Masters in corporate recruiting.  The owner, John Sherman, had been a Vice President of Human Resources in a Fortune 500 company.  To Mr. Sherman’s credit, he was intelligent and hardworking, but he thought he knew it all: every idea

December Is Lost Only If You Want It To Be

Linda here. I’ve heard many people lament over the years, “We might as well close down in December.  No one’s mind is on their business; it’s all about the holidays”. If you follow that thinking, then you can’t do business in January because no one has any money, summer’s bad because everyone is on vacation, spring and fall are bad

Get The Most Out Of The Time You Have Left

Linda here. It’s almost Labor Day – that inevitable divide between summer and fall. Children are starting school, refocusing on friends and homework, while parents get back into the groove at work. In 118 short days it will be 2017.  Are you on track with your plan for 2016?   

Open Mouth, Insert Foot!

Linda here. We’ve all done it; said something we shouldn’t have: thoughtless, unkind words you wish you could take back. The moment the words slip through your lips you want to unsay them, but unfortunately, it’s too late.  The damage is done.   

“Thoughts Are Things”

That’s the title of the first chapter of Napoleon Hill’s book “Think and Grow Rich”.  The chapter closes with the words, “Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve.”   

“You Should File Bankruptcy And Get It Over With”

Those words were spoken years ago by a member of the advisory board I had recruited.  What?  File bankruptcy and see the manufacturing company we’d worked so hard to build torn apart?   The thought made my stomach churn.   

Guts, Persistence & Willpower

Ah, to be slimmer, more fit, healthier, richer!  If you have ever started a self-improvement program, you know what a challenge it is to stay on track.