Say Goodbye and Move On

I build and facilitate roundtables for business owners.  In a recent meeting a member shared, “A long-term employee just quit.”  A chorus of sympathetic groans rose from around the table.  Good employees are hard to find and losing a valued, long-term staff member can be hard.  

Multiplication by Subtraction

It could happen to you.  A crucial member of your staff leaves.  You have a decision to make.  Do you replace or not? A company owner I recently talked to was faced with that complicated  decision.  Replacing the employee would have been the logical choice; it would have filled out the team and made customers feel better.  It would have

The Devil is in the Details and the Fine Print

The saying “the devil is in the details or the fine print” cautions us to be wary.  When you open a bank account, log into a website, sign up for a “free” app or a new cell phone, you agree to terms spelled out in the fine print that carry significant implications.  While you should read the fine print before

How do you make your “Vampire Decisions?”

Linda here. Life is filled with decisions.  Some small: what am I going to have for breakfast?  Some more serious: what kind of car should I buy? Some decisions are profound and life changing: getting married, having children, entering the military or changing careers.  The decisions that change your life forever, are called vampire decisions.   

Are You Lucky or Are You Good?

  Dean Johnson, owner of Arcon Construction Company was my first boss when I moved to Mora.  The year I joined Arcon, he treated all the employees and spouses to a week on South Padre Island, to celebrate their best year ever.  I listened as Dean described growing his highway-heavy construction business from nothing to sales of over $30 million

Can A Superhero Out-Class A Princess?

Linda here. It happened this year – Halloween superhero costumes outsold princess costumes the first time in 11 years! It’s about time.  Dressing up as a princess means little girls can wear a crown and a pretty dress, but in real-life princesses only wear crowns and gowns for very special occasions.  Most of the time they dress like real people,

“Life Is Amazing And No One Is Happy”

We take for granted the advances that continue to make our lives easier:  We eat foods grown around the world, talk to friends who are thousands miles away, pay for lunch with a wave of our smart phones and our cars can parallel park themselves! Pretty amazing.

Having A Grease Gun That Doesn’t Work Is Worse Than

My husband and I were chatting over dinner about what he’d accomplished that day. He commented, “Having a grease gun that doesn’t work is worse than having no grease gun at all.” “Why?” I asked.   

Have You Ordered Your Tesla?

The Quartz Daily Brief ( is one of the first things I read every morning! This article by Steve LeVine made me think about visionaries, the people who draw us into their dreams and make us believe the impossible is possible.   

The End Is At hand! Are You Ready?

Sounds ominous.  This is the time to wrap up 2015 and plan for 2016!  Have you been so busy dealing with the day to day activity of your business that you’ve given little consideration to the annual taxes, budget, goals, etc. for 2016?  Don’t feel like the Lone Ranger, many are in the same boat.