Blue Zones Are Not About Pills Or Politics

Chances are you’re going to live a lot longer.  If you’re a man living in the United States, your life expectancy is 76 years.  If you’re a woman, it’s 81. How do you make the rest of your life the very best it can be?  How do you make your next year’s truly “golden years”? Blue Zones are areas of

Don’t Get Caught Without An Answer

When I owned Raven Machine and Tool, I made a list of companies I wanted on my customer list.  Tennant was at the very top.  They had a reputation for producing top quality products.  They were loyal to suppliers, paid promptly and when potential customers saw you worked with Tennant they knew you were a good supplier. When I finally

Your Choice

One of my favorite bloggers is Seth Godin and one of his best blogs is below. Your Choice Habits are a choice Giving is a choice Reactions are a choice Ideas are a choice Connections are a choice Reputation is a choice The work is a choice Words are a choice Leading is a choice No one can be responsible


This is a word I hardly ever use and one I don’t hear others use often either.  It’s a powerful word, defined as “suffering from intense grief – crushed by grief”. A week ago yesterday I was surprised to heard the word heartbroken twice in the span of two hours. First, from a hard-as-nails-looking soldier spokesman as he described how

Sometimes it Pays to Pester

In the early years of our business, my husband did the sales.  He was pretty good at selling but he absolutely hated it.  He was tremendously relieved when I came on-board at Raven Machine & Tool and took over the sales and marketing. I had a degree in marketing but no actual training in sales.  I made lots of mistakes,

Graphs & Pie Charts – How do you spell B-O-R-I-N-G?

The beginning of each year brings a list of new goals for companies: • Increase sales • Control costsTags • Improve margins • Bring on # number of new accounts Savvy company leaders post their goals conspicuously where everyone can see them. They might even gather all the employees together and give them the rah-rah speech about where the company