Creating a Trusted Advisor Network for Best Practices & Greater Client Value

Why a Trusted Advisor Roundtable?

People prefer to get what they need from people they trust

Trusted advisors are more likely to open new lines of communication, have their advice taken, gain referrals and have more effective, positive relationships with clients

Having a group of peers to draw from, lean on and pick the brains of is an antidote for the isolation business owners face

Benefits of Membership

Monthly Meetings

•    Connect with eight to ten trusted advisor peers from a diverse range of businesses and backgrounds for challenging discussions, broader perspective and strategies to help drive results for your clients

•    Build confidence and gain new insights into the trusted advisor relationships with clients

•    Get confidential feedback on your toughest challenges

•    Each member prepares an annual Strategic Map on their business and their life and receives pointed, intelligent, outside-the-box feedback

•    Meeting with other owners and leaders gives you the opportunity to work ON your business, not just IN your business.


Business Assessment

The Six Critical Areas for Business Success – Assessment is a complimentary diagnostic tool designed to help you achieve more.

What Is A Raven Round Table

The telecommunication industry is always changing and evolving.  It requires a business to be agile and always forward thinking.  My roundtable challenges me to think strategically and not react to changes unless they are in the best interest of my customers and future success of my business.

The members of my Roundtable bring their strengths forward, share points of view that are different from my own and hold me accountable to do the things I must do to grow a successful business.  And, it is all done in a confidential environment.

The relationships I’ve developed with the other members are priceless.  We have all become trusted advisors to each other.   It’s time well spent!

Telecommunication Brokerage

Brenda E - President/CEO