2016 The Year To Stop Putting Off

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The first of the year is a time to start new things: the diet,
the exercise program or learning a new skill.  But are there issues hovering from the past that need to be confronted?    In his book Necessary Endings, Henry Cloud points out that our lives can only improve to the degree that we see endings as a“necessary and strategic step to something better.”  It is critical to accept when and how to let go o
f something or someone that isn’t working, be it a personal relationship, a job or a business venture.
A friend of mine owned Kodak stores before digital photography took off.  Business was strong, profits were high and the future was rosy.  Rob heard stories about digital photography, but like Kodak, he covered his ears.  He had misgivings and doubt, but refused to listen to his gut.  Against his wife’s advice, he turned down a generous offer for his business in 2000.  Three years later he filed bankruptcy.
Had Rob listened to his gut and spent time learning about the digital revolution he would have seen the writing on the wall.  He would have developed a sense of urgency to change as opposed to doing what he’d always done.
To make your endings smoother:
  1. Understand that endings are a normal occurrence in business and life.  Expect them and use them as opportunities instead of overwhelming problems.
  2. Identify internal maps that keep you from executing necessary endings.  What thoughts and beliefs hold you back from making needed change?
  3. Remember that when endings are done well, they create room for growth, both personal and professional.
What have you been putting off for too long?  Henry Cloud’s book Necessary Endings, can inspire you to correct the bad and broken in your life in order to make room for the growth you seek.

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