You Can’t Change How Other People Act

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A friend lives in a suburb with lovely lawns, trees, and sidewalks: perfect for dog lovers to enjoy an outing with their pets. One of the realities of owning dogs is the “droppings” they leave behind. Most are conscientious about not leaving a mess in yards as they pass by. A few don’t care.

The Pay is the Same

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On his first day of work, a 29-year-old man was dropped off by his mother at the factory entrance. As he walked away, his mother leaned out the window and shouted, “Have a good day Dear, and don’t work too hard. Remember, the pay is the same.”

The One Thing

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In his book, THE ONE THING, author Gary Keller shares a scene from the movie City Slickers. “Curly, the gritty cowboy played by the late Jack Palance, and the city slicker Mitch, played by Billy Crystal, leave the group to search for stray cattle. Suddenly, Curly reins his horse to a stop and turns in the saddle to face Mitch.