3 Critical Tasks

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critical tasks

Many people are intimidated when they think about running a business, being responsible for all the different aspects: finance, sales and marketing, developing new products or services, recruiting and retaining employees.  The most critical aspect to the success of any business is people.When dealing with people you need to master three tasks:

  1. Getting rid of the wrong ones,
  2. Finding the right ones,
  3. Creating an environment where people can shine.

Getting rid of the wrong people
The wrong people are difficult to work with, distract you from your goals and find ways to create problems or drama.  If they are not willing be a positive force in helping you move toward your goals, they don’t fit.  Cut them loose.

Finding the right people
Finding people who are smart, motivated and vested in your success is hard.  It’s a wise business owner who finds employees with the skills she may be short on.   But once you’ve qualified someone, it’s important to craft an offer that helps the person see a win for themselves and moves you closer to your goals.

Creating an atmosphere where people can shine
Bringing out the best in people isn’t learned by listening to a lecture or reading.  It’s a skill that is 10% natural ability and 90% practiced.  It must be reinforced and used every day.  Creating this kind of atmosphere includes:

  • Focusing on people’s strengths.
  • Displaying empathy and listening when dealing with emotional situations.
  • Giving encouragement when people feel challenged or in tough times.
  • Giving credit and recognizing good work.
  • Delegating but not micromanaging.

The economy is hot, and people are feeling good, but that could turn on a dime.  The time to prepare for success tomorrow is today.  Are the people you have on your team today the ones you’ll need tomorrow?

The road is easier together,

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