5 Things You Should Know About Your Customers

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Everyone likes to think they know their best customers very well, but do you?  A study done by Help Scout pointed out some interesting facts.   

  1.  Customers care more about service quality and attitude than about speed.

A recent Gallup study reveals when it comes to memorable service people tell their friends about, it’s more important that the service provided feels thorough and friendly, rather than quick.  This was especially true in premium or prestigious markets.

  1. Creating goodwill with customers doesn’t take a lot of money.

In the customer service world there is a concept calledFrugal WOWs that sums up what it means to be completely blown away
by a seemingly small but very thoughtful action.  Check out a
Frugal WOWmoment shared by Ross Shafer  in this humorous, three minute video.  (Click on his picture.)
The reason Frugal WOWs work so well is that customers perceive the service as a genuine act of kindness rather than you trying to buy their affection with costly gifts.

  1. Customers absolutely adore personalization and they will gladly pay more for it.

Would you believe waiters were able to increase their tips by 23% over a control group by giving customers a compliment and extra dinner mints with their bill?  It’s true.  It’s called the process of personalization and it’s incredibly powerful.

  1.  Customers will remember your business if you can remember their names

Everyone loves hearing the sound of their own name!  People tend to like you more if you use their names a few times during conversations.  Emails are opened more consistently if an individual’s name is included.
People often assume you are more competent if you know their name.  It’s a huge part of their identity and if you recall it and use it, you are more credible in their eyes.

  1.   It pays to surprise your customers; you don’t need to trumpet every benefit.

People enjoy receiving something for free and like it even more when it’s given to them as a “favor”.  That favor becomes even more extraordinary when it’s a surprise.
Zappos automatically upgrades all purchases to priority shipping – without so much of a mention of it on the sales or check-out page.  They recognize the benefit of surprising people with next day delivery.
That type of surprise for their customers is justified by almost any cost, and the hit Zappos takes by doing this is paid back multiple times by the customer loyalty generated by making people happy.

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