7 Laws of Leadership

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Vistage recently put out the e-book “Journey to the Summit – the CEO’s 7 Laws of Leadership.”

The focus is that as the leader of your company “you are in the business of making decisions and it’s the outcome of those decisions that define your success.”
Their laws will guide you on your journey from a good decision-maker to a great one.

Reject shortcuts to growth.

Great leaders pursue leadership excellence with the commitment of a world-class athlete. They reject shortcuts and take ownership of their development. They push themselves to learn more, grow further, and reach ever-higher elevations.

Create the space to work on the business.

You need to routinely carve out time and space away from the business to reflect, acquire new knowledge and focus on strategy. They fight the instinct to always be on the go, forcing themselves to slow down so they can make thoughtful decisions.

Challenge your thinking with fresh perspectives.

You don’t have to climb alone. Travel with others on a similar journey. …Leaders seek diverse perspectives on important decisions from trusted peers. They find other CEOs who have tackled similar issues in different industries.

Stoke curiosity.

World-class business leaders are high on curiosity and low on ego. They are inquisitive, welcome new ideas from trusted sources, and eager to explore. They ask questions to seek input – not to prove their own point.

Apply discipline to decision-making.
Peak performers are disciplined. They follow a proven approach to decision-making. They use a systematic process that takes into account their instincts; judgment based on experience and data.

Find a trusted guide.

Successful leaders view a coach or mentor as a critical component of leadership excellence. They value a trusted guide who challenges their assumptions, identifies their blind spots, and holds them accountable.

Rise by helping others.

Great leaders aren’t just focused on their own decisions. They help others critically think through their challenges. In the process, they fine-tune their own decision-making skills. These high-intensity leaders leave a legacy that’s far-reaching and long-lasting.

Vistage suggests, “Don’t scale it alone. Climb with an elite team of peak performers.” Whether you join VistageAllied Executives, or a Raven Roundtable, these 7 laws apply. Don’t go it alone. Reach out today and start seeing benefits tomorrow.

The road is easier together, (that’s why there are Raven Roundtables.)

Time is precious. We are grateful you’ve chosen to spend some with us today.

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