91,500 Pennies. Was it worth it?

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Perhaps you have been wronged or disrespected and fantasized about giving the person a dose of his own medicine. Most of us have thought about revenge or getting even at one point or another.

Revenge in the workplace can tear a company apart, creating a culture of distrust and inequity. Employers who allow (or create) these situations in the workplace show little regard for people’s feelings and the resulting damage when employees feel mistreated.Employees will almost always find ways to get back at their real or perceived tormentors:

They leave. High voluntary turnover rates are often a sign of dissatisfied employees.

They dig in & fight. Some employees are not able to leave. They will resist management efforts with passive-aggressive tactics that are hard to detect.

They withdraw their support. They are physically present and may even have great attendance, but they have left their job without formally quitting.

They withhold information. Employees may get mad and get even by withholding information that a manager needs to make better decisions.

They damage reputations. Employees who believe they have been treated unfairly share their discontent and unhappiness with others. With today’s social media, going public can have dramatic results.

That was the case with Andreas Flaten who worked at A OK Walker Luxury Autoworks until last November. After escalating issues with his employer, Flaten quit. It didn’t stop there. It took months for him to receive his final paycheck for $915.00. Sadly, it was not a check, but 91,500 pennies covered in a pungent, sticky substance and dumped at the end of his driveway. Flaten was interviewed by CBS46 News who also interviewed other disgruntled employees.

Treat people with respect. Getting even doesn’t mean you’ve won a battle; it just means you’ve lost your self-respect and possibly your business.

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