A Few Of My Favorite Things

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Today is Christmas Day – and I hope you and and the people you love have a day filled with hugs and surprises and good cheer.  We are spending the holiday with family: Christmas Eve in Boyceville, WI and Christmas Day in St. Paul.  The picture to the right is Christmas 1954; my cousins and I were in my grandparents living room.  Can you guess which one I am?  (Hint:  I’m NOT the one picking her nose!)   

Instead of the usual blog this week, I thought I’d pass along some of my favorite things.  I hope you enjoy this list and take advantage of some of the resources.  If you’d like to see the list as a document, click here and download the pdf.

Favorites in General

Internet Favorites

Podcasts (I listen on Stitcher using my smart phone)


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