A Life Well Lived

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How do you live to be almost 100?

My dad (many of you have gotten to know him through my blogs) lived to be 1 week short of 95 with vivaciousness and spunk. He passed away three years ago yesterday.

Remembering him has had me wondering why he lived so long. He grew up on a farm and worked hard. He cut and split wood for his stove until he was in his mid ‘80’s. His diet was about the same for 9 decades: meat, potatoes and gravy, and dessert. Always dessert.

The fact that he had no acute ailments or failing organs seemed to be a metaphor for his life.

He was always interested in things that really mattered. He was a child of the depression and believed life was more about experiences and people and less about money and possessions. Monday mornings would find him having breakfast with friends at the local café. They would catch up on local gossip and reminisce about shared memories of bygone days. Thursday afternoons he would be having a piece of pie with his buddy Dave or his grandson Charlie. He loved and enjoyed his children and grandchildren.

His money was never frivolously spent. He left the world with a little money in the bank, surrounded by possessions with little monetary value. He enjoyed being surrounded by stuff that brought him joy.

To the uninformed, my dad didn’t accomplish anything “significant” in his lifetime. Wrong! He showed his five children how to live rather than just telling us. He was always kind, patient, and considerate. My dad left a lasting footprint and taught everyone he knew lessons on how to live 94 years to the fullest.

What lessons will you leave?


The road is easier together,

Linda Laitala, President
Raven Performance Group

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