Accountability in the Workplace in Uncertain Times

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When COVID-19 struck and forced many of us to start working from home, a somehow old but new conversation started on a vast scale. Suddenly leaders had to find ways to hold their employees accountable while they were out of the office. While grappling with the threat of an ongoing pandemic, trying to adjust to at-home work, and maybe even taking care of children, many workers started to feel less motivated. All of the ongoing issues that the pandemic brought are valid, but it might have also impacted productivity in the workplace and having an accountability system could be the solution.

Whether you’ve returned to the office or still have remote workers, accountability is essential for your workforce. Accountability is not just calling someone out for troubling behaviors. It’s making sure people get their work done promptly, doing check-ins, and holding everyone to a standard expectation. To set a common expectation in your workplace, inform all employees of your mission, values, and goals so everyone is on the same page regarding what the business is striving to accomplish.

As a leader, holding your employees accountable builds trust within the workplace. Holding everyone at the same standard creates a space for others to ask questions, seek advice, and build independence. You’ll even find that it is easier as a leader to communicate with your workers, lead with transparency, and treat people fairly within the guidelines of your business’s values.

Accountability in your workspace can also improve the work that is done on the job. By checking in on your workers that they can meet deadlines and get their work done, they know that there is a standard of work that needs to be accomplished. When employees know what they need to get done, they are more likely to complete their tasks and do them well.

Hold your workers accountable by checking in on them and making sure deadlines seem reasonable, but also make sure to hold everyone to the same standard. It’s necessary to be flexible with your employees, especially during these uncertain times. However, it is still essential to ensure your employees are completing work that is up to the company’s guidelines and within a decent time frame.

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