An Opportunity or A Vacation?

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Jim spent the better part of a week in Las Vegas at the annual Furniture, Home Décor, and Gift Market. People from all over the world annually attend. Jim spent long days talking to exhibitors and negotiating prices on unique items to fill his store.

At the conclusion of the show, he shared the airport shuttle bus with two other furniture store owners. It was the first trip to The Market for the owner from South Dakota. His enthusiasm knew no bounds. He raved about the many floors filled with furniture from all over the world, the people he’d met and the new layout ideas he’d picked up for his store. He’d taken some workshops, filled two bags with literature and samples, and couldn’t wait to get back to his staff to share what he’d learned. “Next year” he vowed, “my entire team will attend!

The furniture store owner from Oregon was more seasoned. He’d been in the furniture business all his life and had been to Market many times. He listened to the owner from South Dakota with an indulgent, almost sanctimonious smile. He too had been in Las Vegas for a week but had only gone to Market twice. He hadn’t attended any workshops and the literature he’d picked up had been left in his hotel room wastebasket. Attending Market for him was an excuse to go on vacation.

As I listened to the passion and excitement in Jim’s voice, I thought about the excellent conventions and seminars I have attended. I remembered feeling the same excitement as the owner from South Dakota when I was presented with a new idea, a new product, or a new way of thinking.

How do you approach the opportunity to attend training programs? Is it merely a necessary evil and an excuse to relax? OR are you filled with excitement? Do you go with the intention of learning new ideas?

Do you ask lots of questions? Do you meet new people? Do you set a “show goal” for yourself that will improve your company, your customers and/or your staff?

How will you approach your next learning opportunity?


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