The One Thing

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In his book, THE ONE THING, author Gary Keller shares a scene from the movie City Slickers. “Curly, the gritty cowboy played by the late Jack Palance, and the city slicker Mitch, played by Billy Crystal, leave the group to search for stray cattle. Suddenly, Curly reins his horse to a stop and turns in the saddle to face Mitch.

7 Laws of Leadership

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Vistage recently put out the e-book “Journey to the Summit – the CEO’s 7 Laws of Leadership.” The focus is that as the leader of your company “you are in the business of making decisions and it’s the outcome of those decisions that define your success.”

A 12-Letter Word That Inspires Greatness

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Your employees are the engine that makes your company run. They dedicate their time and effort to helping make your business thrive. While you likely appreciate your employees, are you making a conscious effort to voice your appreciation? After all, this is the 12-letter magic word that tells your employees you are aware of their contribution to your success. According to Glassdoor’s Employee