Noble Goals?

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Kent Gilmore, President of Nahan Printing talked yesterday about business strategy.  He’s an engaging speaker who brought business concepts to life with his experiences and anecdotes.  The ideas he shared were absolutely relevant to members of my roundtables.   


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  This is a word I hardly ever use and one I don’t hear others use often either.  It’s a powerful word, defined as “suffering from intense grief – crushed by grief”.   

What you hear when you actually listen

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  I was in St. Louis a couple weeks ago attending a conference.  As I waited in line for a lunch table I listened to the conversations around me.  What I heard made me realize that we live in a world of divergence.  People seemed to either totally agree on a topic or totally disagree.  There wasn’t much discussion or

How Far Would Your Employees Go?

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What would your employees do when faced with a frustrated, exasperated customer? I had an experience last Saturday that blew my socks off.  I needed a black toner cartridge for my laser printer.  My favorite store for this item is Cartridge World in Cambridge.  I know the owners Steve and Renee Horbul and they’ve always given great service at a