Be a Better Boss by Fostering Positive Relationships in Your Workplace

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In an article for,  Ben Fanning writes: “One boss might be a godsend for one employee and then an absolute nightmare for another. Your “better boss” classification is always based on opinion, so it’s never the absolute truth.”  Better boss or not?  It’s a matter of perspective.

Becoming a good boss means keeping direct, honest open lines of communication between management and front-line employees.  If employees feel they cannot discuss a grievance or issue with their supervisor, resentment, frustration and miscommunication fester.


Strive to keep an open and honest relationship with your employees, fostering a sense of community in your workplace.


Turn Weaknesses into Opportunities

If an employee is having a hard time with a project, it’s easy to delegate the task to another employee. The boss may end up projecting what they’d like to see out of an employee instead of truly identifying their strengths.  They miss out onr using a perceived failure as an opportunity for growth and learning.


A good manager will help that employee work through the issue.  Not only will this help grow your team as individuals and experts, but your employees will feel more appreciated and valued in their roles.


Schedule One-On-One Meetings

Holding one-on-one meetings only when there is a major problem results in employees dreading any discussion with their manager.  They become defensive and unable to discuss possible resolutions openly.  Some supervisors have the best intentions to host a lunch session with a different employee each week or to schedule regular one-on-one meetings, but their schedule has other plans.


Scheduling private one-on-one meetings with your employees provides the opportunity to exchange serious feedback in a setting that is more relaxed and informal.  Your first few meetings might be a little awkward, but as they continue, you’ll form a deeper connection and more meaningful communication with your employees.


Create Wins

It’s about more than just congratulating your employees when they do well or reach achievements. Creating wins gives you the opportunity to show your appreciation and an opportunity for your employees to pat themselves on the back without feeling awkward or smug. When you model an environment of appreciation in your workspace, you’ll see it reflected in how your employees treat others. It creates a ripple effect through the entire business.


Building trust and open communication will encourage employees to contribute ideas to improve your company.  It makes for a healthy atmosphere and improves the bottom line!


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