Be Thankful For

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Every year the Raven Cue blog comes out on Thanksgiving. It is my tradition to list things I am especially thankful for this year.

  • The brilliant colors of the fall leaves
  • Sweet desserts
  • Being healthy
  • Feeling loved
  • Organized closets
  • Music that evokes good memories
  • Having the best job in the world
  • Interesting people
  • Freedom
  • Having enough
  • Solo retreats
  • My sisters and brother
  • Forgiveness
  • Cats who make you laugh
  • Money in the bank
  • Shopping online
  • Kind strangers
  • Fresh sheets
  • Sweet pickles
  • Unfussy eaters
  • Fine paper
  • Erasable pens
  • A good night’s sleep
  • Waking up with no schedule
  • Good books
  • Members who amaze and astound
  • Rich business conversations about needle-movers
  • Making a difference
  • My Fitbit
  • Electricity
  • Chocolate
  • Naps
  • Good friends
  • Family traditions
  • Cousins
  • Essential workers (God bless you!)
  • Technology
  • Laughter
  • Wonderful memories of loved ones who left us this year

Does my list make you think of what you are grateful for? Let me know what you would add.

The road is easier together,

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