Be the Leader People Deserve

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The last eight weeks have been like no other. We are in the midst of a disaster. Some of us are more involved than others and some are being hit harder than others: economically, emotionally, and physically.

Living with uncertainty can be exhausting. You and the people you work with (or don’t work with anymore) are trying to create some semblance of normalcy.

In dealing with employees and vendors, we have an opportunity: the opportunity to build lasting trust. Here are some facts about trust.

  • The number one reason people gravitate to leaders and organizations is trust.
  • Organizations, where trust is missing, are full of fear, backstabbing, and suspicion.
  • You’ll never win trust in an apology; you win trust by making a commitment and keeping it and by being honest.
  • Transparency builds trust; 92% of people would trust leaders more if they were transparent about their mistakes.
  • Even in a crisis we have options. Be the leader who says, “We’ll get out of it and we’ll get out of it together,” then persist in working toward that goal.
  • Tell people the real situation. You will not be viewed as weak, but as having integrity.

We can’t fix everything that’s wrong in the world today, but we can be compassionate and human. People are stressed, worried about their families, their livelihood, and maybe their job. Be emotionally aware and sensitive to the people around you. Use your head to do what’s best for your company but remember to have a heart.

The road is easier together,

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