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Answers to August’s business question of the month:

Child Savings Bond
For every employee that has a child while working at that company, that child gets a $50 savings bond on the day it is born and on their birthday, as long as the parents are still employee with the company.

Golden Ticket Plan
Employees that agree to stay for a length of time and stay even longer receive additional compensation and other bonuses.

Company Sharing Machines
Use of company machines for personal products. Materials are at cost and they can be used on personal time, not company time. All safety rules apply and employees sign a disclaimer.

Employee meal from the Owner
The third Thursday of the month the owner cooks a meal for everyone.

Every Friday is payday
Having weekly pay periods.

Extra Paid Holiday
Paid day off for Veterans Day.

Company tools sharing program
Employees can borrow tools for personal projects.

Burn out prevention vacations
During the busiest business time of year, require managers to take a week of vacation off, so they don’t burn out.

Pet Policies
Pet insurance and allow pets to be at work.

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