The best laid plans…

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I like to plan and organize.  I admit, in December I look forward to January’s clean slate and unlimited possibilities. I laid out my 2018 plan, set a couple audacious goals and started January with a bang.
In March, life threw me a curve ball.  I was diagnosed with breast cancer.  The world stopped, tilted, almost fell over and then righted itself again thanks to skillful doctors, caring friends and a fantastic family.

The experience taught me that in addition to having a strong support network, people need to develop attitude and skills to fall back on when tragedy strikes.  Here are a few of the lessons I learned.

Ask for what you need.  Don’t be shy, people want to help.  They will be able to help you if they know what needs to be done.

Set the tone.  Tell people if you’re not comfortable talking about the details of your situation.  People want to be there for you in a way that works for both of you.

Don’t over explain.  Most only want the broad details.  When people barrage you with questions (and they will), keep what you have to say brief and clear.

Take time for yourself.  Ponder, pray, heal, plan, react, cry.  Take time to adapt to this new reality in your life.

Open up to your closest friends/family:  You need to be able to express your fears out loud, to vent and give those who care the opportunity to be there for you.

Whatever life hands you know that you will find solutions and you will come out on the other side wiser and more understanding than before your journey began.

The road is easier together,

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