You’re Not Born With Integrity

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Linda here. I was having coffee with a successful realtor friend recently.  She’s growing her business by building a team of the brightest and best professionals she can find. She recently interviewed a new realtor, John.  He was intelligent, energetic and hungry to be successful, all traits she was seeking.   

Don’t Try To Boil The Ocean

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Linda here. Working with business owners is over-the-top fun!  They’re smart, savvy, interesting and willing to share their hard-won wisdom. That was the case with Wally. He purchased a small manufacturing plant, growing it into a $15 million company in 5 years.  Wally is intelligent and outgoing; he has learned valuable lessons along the way and is not shy in

What Bugs You?

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Linda here. Roundtables are a great place to make you think outside the box and pick up new ideas. A couple months ago, a business owner shared the “What Bugs You?” campaign she started in her manufacturing company.   

“I Can Get It Done Cheaper”.

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Linda here. Mike’s manufacturing company employs 50 people. For years Mike and his employees have been frustrated with inefficiencies due to cramped space and disorganization.  One major area of concern is the tool room. His company needs a space dedicated to storing tooling and fixtures.   

Many Have Tried, But Few Succeed. Can You?

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Linda here. Do you have the self-discipline (i.e. self-control) to do something for 90 days that’s difficult, but critically important to your business? In my Executive Roundtables we have an exercise called “The Next 90 Day Focus”.  It challenges members to devote one hour a day for the next ninety days to improving “one thing” that would significantly improve their

Friday Philosophizing – Part II

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Linda here. Last week I shared Steve Shurt’s “Seven Expectations”.  This blog is a continuation of his August 5, 2016 “Friday Philosophizing”. Steve’s email referred to employee meetings that were held in March 2016.  He goes on to say: “I thought a reminder of these expectations was a good way to start another Friday Philosophizing and fits well with a

Can You Hear Me Now?

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Linda here. On a trip to the Rocky Mountains I learned first-hand about the “echo effect” when shouting at a mountain.  My voice sounded incredible, as I listened to it bounce against the peaks and valleys. The masters of communication often make good use of the echo effect.

Open Mouth, Insert Foot!

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Linda here. We’ve all done it; said something we shouldn’t have: thoughtless, unkind words you wish you could take back. The moment the words slip through your lips you want to unsay them, but unfortunately, it’s too late.  The damage is done.   

Are You Industrious?

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My father is having an auction in a couple weeks.  My siblings and I have been helping him sift through a lifetime to determine what he wants to save and what he wants to sell.      (Check out the auction items here.)