Without Processes What Can You Expect?

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Jim began his business as owner and only employee.  With persistence and good fortune, he expanded from his kitchen table to his basement, to his garage and on to a large rented building. As his client list increased, he added employees, expanded shipping and implemented new innovations to grow his business.

Ask Your Customers These Questions

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Every year about this time, company leaders start planning for the upcoming year.  They look at equipment and technology needs.  They make educated guesses about sales.  If they’re lucky, they have a backlog of orders to carry into the next year.  They add that backlog to historical sales data to produce a revenue target.   

Please Don’t Make Me!

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My friend Susan isn’t very adventurous.  In fact, when anyone suggests a trip to another country or even another state she turns them down flat.  “I’m not much of a traveler,” she’ll say.  The truth is, the very thought of traveling to a strange place makes her feel uncomfortable and pushes her out of her comfort zone.   

The “Win-Win” Internship: How To Select & Savor Interns Who Will Enrich Your Business While You Enrich Them.

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One of my favorite months of the year is September.  O.K., partly because it’s my birthday month (yep, I’m a Virgo), but it’s also the month that a new crop of bright-eyed, bushy-tailed juniors and seniors go back to school. Each year I contact the accounting teacher and/or business teacher at our local high school and ask them to find