A 12-Letter Word That Inspires Greatness

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Your employees are the engine that makes your company run. They dedicate their time and effort to helping make your business thrive. While you likely appreciate your employees, are you making a conscious effort to voice your appreciation? After all, this is the 12-letter magic word that tells your employees you are aware of their contribution to your success. According to Glassdoor’s Employee

Six Steps to Reskill Workers

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“Imagine a crisis that forces your company’s employees to change the way they work almost overnight. Despite initial fears that the pressure would be too great, you discover this new way of working could be a blueprint for the long term.” According to McKinsey, this is indeed what many companies are discovering as they respond to the COVID-19 crisis.

Born with one eyebrow arched?

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In the book Talking to Strangers, Malcolm Gladwell explores why we are so ready to believe people we don’t know. In the chapter on Bernie Madoff, he describes an interview between SEC investigator Peter Lamore and Madoff. Madoff explained that “essentially he could see around corners; he had an infallible ‘gut feel’ for when to get out of the markets just