The Easy Way Out

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the easy way out

There are 32 days before 2019.  Then what? If you like the way things are, status quo with no changes – then 2019 will roll in and you’ll deal with it as you always have, one day at a time.  Things can be taken for granted in your world.  You memorized and understood yesterday’s system, you’ll do fine in tomorrows.

October Question of the Month: Describe the hiring process in your company?

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Here are a few excellent peer responses throughout the month of October to the question: “Describe the hiring process in your company?” “We used to have a 2-step interview process; if we liked the candidate on the first interview, we’d bring them back for a second.  That’s out the window now. Today, applicants seem to have two other offers on

The best laid plans…

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I like to plan and organize.  I admit, in December I look forward to January’s clean slate and unlimited possibilities. I laid out my 2018 plan, set a couple audacious goals and started January with a bang.

Heads or Tails

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heads or tails

One of the most valuable skills you can learn and one of the hardest to master is how to make good decisions.  In my work with business owners I’ve seen many different techniques.  Timothy Carter describes some of my favorites.

Go, set the world on fire

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Go, set the world on fire

Ignatius, the solider who founded the Jesuit Order, often ended his letters to his followers with the expression: ite, inflammate omnia – “Go, set the world on fire.”  He wanted the Jesuit priests to be afire with passion and zeal in spreading the Gospel to the world.