Finding Business Success Using the Strategic MAP

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As a business owner/leader, your time is limited and therefore valuable.  Do you spend too much time IN your business instead of ON the business?  Are you getting caught up in incidentals, emails, trivia, instead of setting and following through on priorities that will grow your business?

A Head Full of Ideas

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When Tom Hanks received the Cecil B DeMille Award at the Golden Globe Awards, he shared an experience from his first professional job. He and other interns were partying at night instead of preparing for the next day.  The director wasn’t having it.

Do Your Managers Hide The Dirt?

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My mother was a busy and probably overwhelmed farm wife with four young children, gardens, canning, fixing three meals a day from scratch, the list goes on.  When the linoleum in the kitchen was replaced, her major concern was that it hid the dirt.  A neighbor (also a farm wife and busy mother) bought new carpet that would absorb moisture

Top 3 Qualities that Make you a Strong Leader

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What makes a good leader? What qualities make certain people find success as a CEO over other individuals? There are numerous elements that go into being a strong leader, but these three traits stand out.   Purpose Without an idea of where they want the business to go, CEOs will struggle to lead their employees to success. Be confident in

Why Joy?

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Perhaps you treasure a memory like this:  Watching my daughter play tag one night when she was about five.  She was running as fast as she could, dodging and ducking, staying just out of reach of the person who was “it”.  Just before she was about to be “tagged” she reached the tree and gleefully screamed, “Home!”.  The exhilaration she and

Go Figure It Out!

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A server in a local restaurant was taking our drink order; “Coffee for my husband and a big glass of warm water for me”, I answered.  The server replied “We don’t have warm water.  We only have hot water and cold water.”  Huh?! Figuring things out is a skill some people are good at:  Give them a problem and they’ll try

What Do You Do When The Worst Happens?

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Life randomly throws the unexpected at us all the time. We enjoy some events, such as finding a $20 bill, but a serious illness or the loss of a job can turn our lives upside down. Companies can also be forced to face dramatic changes: losing funding, an important customer or discovering a strong new competitor in their market.