What to do, What to do


Americans typically make an average of 70 decisions every day.  Business owners probably make many more.

Go, set the world on fire

Go, set the world on fire

Ignatius, the solider who founded the Jesuit Order, often ended his letters to his followers with the expression: ite, inflammate omnia – “Go, set the world on fire.”  He wanted the Jesuit priests to be afire with passion and zeal in spreading the Gospel to the world.

Onboarding: You Only Get One Shot At This


Traditionally, orienting new employees is a rote process consisting of an employee handbook, videos, an explanation of duties and being introduced to co-workers. But in a tight labor market, savvy employers realize keeping good employees depends on the initial relationship they develop with the organization – the Onboarding process.

Your Most Important Role – Growing People

your most important role

There is more to creating a successful business than developing a plan and increasing revenues.  Your most important role doesn’t involve numbers; your most important role is growing people.

Warren Buffet Knows About Profit

warren buffet story

While in high school, Warren Buffet and a friend bought a used nickel pinball machine for $25.  They arranged to install it in a barbershop, offering the barber a no-risk proposition – they would split all the profits evenly.  Buffet thought customers waiting for a haircut might like something to do.  He was right. 


How can we tell when we meet an “exceptional” person? Exceptional people thrive not because of what has been done to them, but how they reacted.  They are self-aware, which allows for growth within themselves and others.

You Can’t Be What You Can’t See

The title of today’s Raven Cue is a quote by Marian Wright Edelman, Founder & President of the Children’s Defense Fund. “Children believe they can succeed when they have successful role models they can relate to.”

Is friction a bad thing?

In the physical world, friction allows us to accomplish many everyday tasks: running, driving a car up a hill, even sitting on a chair. It’s a necessary part of our lives.  But when we think of friction among people, most of us have learned to think of it as a negative force, a clash of wills or opinions that makes

Rawhide and Processes

Process – a series of actions or steps taken to achieve a particular end.  The clearer the process, the more efficient the operation.  Thriving businesses depend on successful processes.