Leaders Need Vacation Time Too

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In this pandemic, it’s never been more important to take time off. Time off looks different for everyone. Do you like taking long walks, reading a book not related to work, streaming an entire series you have been pining for, or maybe even bunging jumping? As a leader, it’s crucial for you to take time to do what you enjoy

What Have We Learned from All This?

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How quickly life can change.  We’re five months into a pandemic that has changed the rhythm of our lives.  As we take time to think first of the health of our families, friends, employees, and communities, we are also learning lessons that will help us navigate future challenges.


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Our world is full of distractions: kids home from school, vacation plans (or lack of them), coronavirus, summer heat, short tempers, email, social media, bright shiny objects, and now even protests and riots.

Our Precious Cell Phones

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Our cell phones have become an essential part of us. We use them incessantly to send and receive messages, check our email, follow the latest tweetstorm, make and track purchases, or simply play a game.  Hardcore users devote up to 12 hours every day to their smartphones. There’s no indication that spending that much time staring at a small screen