How The Olympics Make A Difference

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Linda here. It’s Olympic season; for some, this season is more riveting than football, baseball, basketball and golf.  The 16 days from opening to closing ceremonies will have people from all over the world glued to their televisions and electronic devices, cheering on their favorite athlete or team.  There are 300 events spanning 35 officially recognized Olympic sports. Whether you’re

Christmas Eve 2015

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Thank you for joining me here each Thursday.  It’s very gratifying to have the opportunity to share what I have learned from life and from Raven Roundtables with you.   

The Wolf Who Wins Is The Wolf You Feed

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There’s an American Indian legend that teaches an important lesson: A young man came to his grandfather, angry at a friend who had done him an injustice.  Let me tell you a story, said the grandfather. I too, at times, have felt great hate for those who have taken so much with no sorrow for what they do.   

You Are What You Say You Are

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You are a creature of excellence. We are what we tell ourselves.  If you get up in the morning eager to squeeze opportunity out of another new day, you will find abundant opportunities.  If you get up dreading the slow crawl through unfriendly territory, your day will drag and you’ll be exhausted by the end.   

5 Powerful Questions

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I love January 1st; for me it’s like sitting at a desk with a clean sheet of paper and a fountain pen.  What wondrous words and ideas will appear?  What amazing things will happen?