Comfortable and Coasting

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We all have moments of feeling “in the zone.” It’s the perfect time when all your cylinders are firing. It’s exhilarating and fun.

But we need to be aware that we can slide into the Comfort Zone. It may feel good there, but comfortable and coasting can result in poor innovation and no motivation. Spending too much time in the comfort zone can make us lazy leaders.

The world is filled with time-consuming activities that delude us into feeling busy and important. They can prevent us from moving into the Learning Zone, which is where growth happens. Time spent in the learning zone may be awkward but life changing. People and organizations that ooze vitality are constantly learning and looking for new ways to stay relevant.

Spending time in the Learning Zone helps you master new skills, build your confidence, expand your comfort zone.

Most importantly, the Learning Zone helps keep you out of the Panic Zone, a scary place full of unfamiliar things that we actively avoid doing. We only visit this zone when we have to react to serious issues that are damaging our company.

It takes confidence to approach the unfamiliar. Mistakes may be made, but it’s the attempt and the lessons learned that allow us to grow our Comfort Zone and Learning Zone in order to stay out of the Panic Zone.

Push your limits! It stretches you as you gain confidence and feel more accomplished. You will become more comfortable taking on the unfamiliar more often.

Expand your Comfort Zone by staying in the Learning Zone to stay out of the Panic Zone!

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