Confronting Leadership Fears and Failures

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No one ever said being a leader is easy. The weight of the company is on your shoulders and you would benefit from having people who are in your same boat to share your concerns with. Feelings of loneliness and isolation can creep in, causing you to second-guess decisions.


Failure is inevitable on the path to success. Joining a group of like-minded leaders and CEOs provides the opportunity to share your concerns, knowing you can discuss your weaknesses and uncertainties and receive constructive feedback in a confidential setting.


Highly regarded leaders such as Warren Buffet and Tim Cook are honest about their failures and vulnerabilities. Smart leaders fail every day: they may be tackling new projects and expectations or adapting to a new culture. Breakdowns are often due to misaligned expectations, a lack of self-awareness, poor communication, and underestimating the power of relationships.


Of course, it’s not always easy to admit these faults. It’s important that you have a place to discuss your vulnerabilities. Joining an executive roundtable can help you deal with your weaknesses and build on your strengths.


Executive roundtables bring together peers who face the same issues, challenges, and opportunities that you do. They will listen carefully and provide helpful insight that will give you more confidence in decision-making. You’ll be able to thrive in your position and do the best for your company. You’ll enjoy challenging and supporting one another, while holding each other accountable.


A group of peers provides the fresh perspective you need to stop second guessing your decisions. You can discuss fears and failures in confidence, knowing that the members of your peer group will speak with you candidly, sharing their own experiences and learnings.


Stop worrying about your fears and failures; seek out people you can talk to. Find your executive roundtable today!


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