Could You Be a “Super-ager”?

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When was the last time you tried something new, an activity out of your daily routine?  Most of us fill our days with repetition, we think it would be a waste of our limited time to learn to dance or paint, or take a cooking class.

But if you get out of your comfort zone and encourage your employees to try new activities as well, you and your employees will benefit.

Challenging ourselves to try new activities helps us realize that there may be novel ways to approach issues and solve problems. This keeps our minds open. It helps us become “super-agers”, people who consistently perform at a high academic and physical level because they continuously challenge themselves. Researchers scanned the brains of 17 super-agers and found a greater enhancement in their memory skills in comparison to those who engaged only in regular leisurely activities.

Deciding to step out of your comfort zone can expand your view of the world. Remember how excited you were at your first swimming lesson? How about the first time you got to drive a car? You may want to encourage your team to join you in identifying an activity that would grab your attention even if it’s not something you can picture yourself doing. For example, there is nothing stopping you from taking a painting class. It can improve your creativity and result in higher productivity. This is an idea you want to pass on to your employees at work; try out a team-building exercise that involves sports, or a new work-related project.

By trying something new, you will reap the benefits of improved cognitive and communication skills. This will result in you and your team being willing to look at challenges from different points of view. It will also heighten morale within your organization.

Don’t wait to retire to tackle those ideas floating around in your head. You don’t have to move mountains to be a super-ager. Making small changes helps us see what we otherwise might miss.

The road is easier together, (that’s why there are Raven Roundtables.)

Time is precious. We are grateful you’ve chosen to spend some with us today.

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