Did a Teacher Make a Difference in Your Life?

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The electric cooperative board I serve on starts out each meeting with a thought-provoking question. School is starting soon, so the question this month was, “Who was your favorite teacher and why?”

My favorite teacher was Mr. Moen. He taught chemistry and coached football. When I was a junior, a vial of acid exploded in my face. Mr. Moen picked me up, carried me down to the boy’s locker room, and threw me in the shower. His quick thinking probably saved my eyesight.

Common threads wove through the stories as each person shared:

     … My second-grade teacher asked me to read in front of the class because she thought I pronounced my words so well.

     … I pointed out an error in a textbook. The teacher researched it and verified I was correct.  He shared my discovery with the entire class. He took the time to listen, research, and commend me in front of others.

     … I was always a good student, but when I got to college a philosophy class nearly did me in. I didn’t like the class and was failing. I had never failed a class before. I explained this to the professor, he listened to my excuses and assured me he would spend extra time with me so I wouldn’t fail IF I would take the second year of philosophy. I wasn’t happy but I agreed. I passed Philosophy 101, enjoyed the second year so much that I graduated with a minor in philosophy.

Most of the memories were more than 25 years old, but as each person told their story it was as if it were yesterday. Teachers make a significant, lifelong impact on their students.

Who was your favorite teacher and why? Next time I’m in Boyceville, I’m going to look up Mr. Moen and tell him “Thank you.” Perhaps you will be able to take the opportunity to thank your favorite teacher too.

The road is easier together,

Time is precious. We are grateful you’ve chosen to spend some with us today.

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