Discipline, Accomplishment And Self-Worth

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People procrastinate.  Procrastination, distraction and being overwhelmed are usually signs of fear.
They fear not being good enough, of being criticized or of being insufficient.  Activities get postponed and moved from one To-Do list to another.   

  • Strategies that would improve organizations are left undone because of hesitancy.
  • Choices are not made because there is no clear winner.
  • A problem is not addressed in hopes that it will take care of itself.

Change your thinking while time is on your side.

Schedule just three things to accomplish and complete (not “To-Do”) every day.  Write them in your calendar, not on a dusty “To Do” list.  Honor them as you would a client appointment, family event or a debt owed a friend.

Taking care of tasks in a timely manner can become a habit, it takes a nagging worry off your plate and gives you a sense of relief.  If you do that every day you will have discipline, accomplishment and a renewed sense of self-worth.  You’ll be in charge of your work and your life.

What can you lose?


Does this short video describe your procrastination style?

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