Don’t Run Your Business the Way Some Idiots Drive

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I spend a lot of time driving to appointments and meetings; lately it seems that more drivers are making dumb decisions on the road.

Some of the decisions they make behind the wheel could be correlated to the way business owners run their companies. See if you agree.

Driving 40 MPH when it’s snowing (Speed limit is 55, roads are NOT slippery)

The owners may be uncomfortable making decisions that might involve any risk whatsoever. They like to play it really safe-slow-&-easy. The result? Stagnant business growth.

Passing on a yellow line

Ignoring risk is as bad as avoiding it; when you do stupid things you never know when something is going to come around the corner and smack you right in the face.

Passing on the right shoulder (when there’s no passing lane)

It’s against the law! If people break small rules in business – can they be trusted on the big ones? It’s a matter of integrity.

“An ounce of clear thinking is worth a pound of research into the mysteries of the obvious.”
– Dr. Thomas Szasa

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