Easy Buttons Are Hard To Come By

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Some days, we would love to have an “easy” button. Remember the Staples commercial? All you had to do was push the big red button with the word “easy” on it and everything you wanted would magically appear.

Of course, an easy button isn’t available, but asking yourself these questions in every interaction will help you streamline, simplify, and make things easier.

  • Can the issue be simplified?
  • How can I eliminate confusion?
  • What can I remove and still make it work?
  • What could make it easier for my clients and team to accomplish necessary tasks?

Nothing gets people more frustrated than jumping through a lot of seemingly unnecessary hoops to buy or accomplish something.

Remove roadblocks

-Are you making it harder than necessary for people to contact you or accomplish tasks?

Eliminate confusion

-When in doubt keep it simple. One-click. One link. One line.

Nothing good comes from being difficult to work with. Everyone can gain ground by making themselves easier to work with. Look for opportunities for improvement: outdated rules, difficult processes, confusing instructions.

People don’t read. They click.

And they like big buttons. The fantasy of the easy button exists for a reason.

The road is easier together,


Linda Laitala, President
Raven Performance Group

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