FEBRUARY ANSWER TO THE QUESTION OF THE MONTH: Describe your most successful technique for getting customers.


Describe your most successful technique for getting customers.

  • Google ad words and putting the right amount of money in at the right time.  I have a phenomenal person who does the right things.  I’ve also found that if I keep out of it and don’t try to do it myself, I’m money ahead.
  • Branding, we play in a space that is very competitive.  We provide our clients useful information and work to insure we continue to add value. We’re not about logo stuff but more about services and information.  Credibility and visibility is huge – especially during times of change.
  • Giving it away – answering questions when people have them, taking a second look at what they have with no strings attached.  There’s still a technique there because there you can’t dump everything and answer questions.  You still have to keep your current customers happy.  We usually try to keep our response to 15-30 minutes and offer specific answers.  People remember.
  • Ask!  Doing lunch dates and educational seminars.  It results in conversations that sometimes results in business.



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