February 2019 Question of the Month – Adapting to a Changing World

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We had some great answers to February’s question: “What does your company do to adapt to a rapidly changing world?” Here are the top 5 responses. 

  1. The world is rapidly changing. Both in what we produce but also in employment. We invest more in technology for the new employees. We’re doing much more commercial work and less residential. The products are getting smarter and we are adapting as quickly as we can, but it’s hard and expensive.
  2. We keep our online presence up to date. We’ve invested in a new POS system to give us the information we need to run our business smarter.  Our phones are rapidly becoming dated, we’re reviewing that. Change is happening fast, and it’s expensive to keep up. By the time we figure out what we’re doing, it’s time to replace.
  3. We listen to our customers and try to understand what they need from us. Whenever a customer comes in to do an audit, we ask a lot of questions. We take their reviews to heart and get a lot of good insight.
  4. We’re dealing with generational changes in the workforce. Millennials and those coming after them are looking for a sense of purpose. They don’t want to be drones.
  5. We’ve started to use an app called TINYpulse. We send questions out to people and they give feedback anonymously. We recognize people for good ideas. We’re trying to leverage technology. I’m also aware that if I’m listening to feedback, I have to do something about it. When the idea is not going to work because of fit or cost I have to deliver the message and the reason.

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