I feel lucky today!

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One of my favorite songs is by Mary Chapin Carpenter, I Feel Lucky! about a woman, who against all odds, listened to her gut and won big in the lottery.

We all know people who seem to be naturally lucky.  They enter contests and win.  They gamble and win jackpots.  They seem to always be in the right place at the right time.

Are they charmed?  Not necessarily, according to Professor Richard Weisman, author of The Luck Factor, more than likely their lifelong winning streaks are a result of their habits.  Weisman has been studying luck for more than two decades and says it’s not just chance, there’s a science to it: “To a very large extent, lucky and unlucky people are responsible for much of the good and bad fortune they encounter.”

Lucky people are good at networking and open to opportunities.  They make decisions by following their intuition and believe that events will always work out for them.  When lucky people experience misfortune, they imagine how much worse it could have been and assume that something better is ahead.  In other words, they transform the event by finding a positive aspect (lemons into lemonade).

If you want to transform your luck, emulate the habits of lucky people.  I’m guessing some of the people in this video are feeling pretty lucky. (My husband couldn’t watch it to the end, it made him feel anxious.)

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