Finding Business Success Using the Strategic MAP

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As a business owner/leader, your time is limited and therefore valuable.  Do you spend too much time IN your business instead of ON the business?  Are you getting caught up in incidentals, emails, trivia, instead of setting and following through on priorities that will grow your business?


What will help you grow your business?  Businesses that strategically plan and execute thrive.  One tool you can utilize in moving your business forward is the Strategic MAP: a propriety tool developed by Raven Performance Group.


Every CEO should reevaluate their business annually by following the three segments of the MAP. Not only will it help you find direction for your business, it can also help guide your personal life.


Mining your Past

It’s important to study your past to help assess your current life. Think about your challenges and triumphs from the past. How did you and the business work through difficult times?  What helped the team find success?  Making note of what worked and didn’t, can help you determine the path for a successful future for not just yourself, but the whole business. We need to learn from history, so we don’t repeat past mistakes.  If a campaign completely flopped last year, it would probably do the same this year.


Assessing your Present

What does your current life look like? Assess your company’s current strengths and your needs. That means taking stock of the team that you have and where their strengths and weaknesses lie. Does this team have the potential to move the business forward?  Does some restructuring or extra training need to happen? Do you need new technology to stay competitive?  Identifying where you are will help you decide if and how you need to adapt as you plan for the future.


Planning your Future

Where do you see the company next year? In 3 years? In 5 years? If you don’t have a vision for the business, it’s time to make one. Evaluate what you’ve learned about your past: your strengths, the areas where you need to put more resources and energy, the current overall health of the company.  Then develop a plan to create a stronger, more successful future.


Learn about the value of constructing your MAP and other services an Executive Roundtable will afford you.  Contact Raven Performance Group at 612-889-5848.

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