Four Powerful Questions

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For several years I did a show called “Talking Business” on a local radio station. (Thank you Neighborhood National Bank for sponsoring it!)  One of the most popular shows was “Four questions business owners should ask themselves every day.”   

1.  How have I improved the value of what I sell?

•Can you “bundle” products or services differently?
•Can you create different pricing options?
•Have you called your customers lately to ask if they have any suggestions on issues you could improve upon?
•Don’t just call the buyer, talk to the accounting department, the receiving department and quality control.
•Dig a little – there are always opportunities for improvement.

2.  How many more people are learning about my product today than yesterday? 

•What are you doing to attract the attention of new customers?
•Have you tried different ways to promote your product or service?
•What social media channels are your customers using?  Do you have a presence on them?
•Be aware of where traditional marketing techniques are still valuable: trade shows, direct mail, telemarketing and expos.

3.  Have I improved my conversion ratio by improving my selling skills? 

•Is there a better way to describe your product or service?
•Are you using relationship selling?
•Have you considered hiring a coach, attending a Dale Carnegie or Sandler course?

4.  How much more have I sold today than yesterday? 

•Keeping track is important!
•Set goals and monitor your progress.
•Log in the orders you get every day – compare the results to the orders you wanted to get.

There will be ups and downs to a sales cycle; don’t be discouraged if your sales levels aren’t stable.  The important thing is to keep at it.

Responding to these questions every day will create a sense of urgency, focus attention on critical tasks and make your business more successful.

The road is easier together,

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