Do You Give Your Customers Moments Of Magic Or Moments Of Misery?

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In 1986 Jan Carlzon, former president of Scandinavian Airlines wrote a book called “Moments of Truth”.  As Carlzon says, Anytime a customer comes into contact with any aspect of a business, however remote, it’s an opportunity to form an impression.”   

We’ve all had “moments of truth.”  They’re magic moments when every aspect of a transaction is simple, easy and pure joy.

I have one every time I take my car in to be serviced.  I buy all my cars and have them serviced at Tinker & Larson in Mora.  Why?   Because when I walk through the door they call me by name.  Often it’s Tom or Dan Larson, the owners who check me in–always at the scheduled time.  In the waiting room there’s a desk I can use.  They even let me log in on their Wi-Fi.  When the job is done, the mechanic who worked on my car personally comes over to give me the key and talk to me about my car.  If there are future maintenance issues, I’m forewarned so it’s not a surprise.  In a word–I love these guys!  Tinker & Larson has earned my loyalty for years to come.

When you’ve been treated to a MOMENT OF MAGIC you know it.  You get that feeling of extra satisfaction as though someone has gone the extra mile for you.
A MOMENT OF MAGIC is getting something extra without having to pay more.
A MOMENT OF MAGIC is a personal touch, knowing someone cared enough to see that your work was done well.
And when you create MOMENTS OF MAGIC for your customers, they come back time and time again, and they tell their friends.  A MOMENT OF MAGIC can mean an eternity of profits.
Every time you or your employee meets a customer, you’re given the opportunity to create a MOMENT OF MAGIC.  That moment can go well or it can go poorly.  When it goes well it’s a MOMENT OF MAGIC.  When it doesn’t it’s a MOMENT OF MISERY–and we’ve all had them.

So how do you create MOMENTS OF MAGIC?  Here are some tips.

  • Become an expert at what you do.  Build a reputation as the person / company to go to for information about your area of business.
  • Read Avidly.  Read professional magazines, business periodicals, newspapers and fiction.  Attend seminars.
  • Develop the habit of learning in your car; listen to books on tape or podcasts.  The average person spends 500 to 1,000 hours a year driving.  That’s equal to one semester of college!
  • Always show enthusiasm for what you do.  It adds credibility.
  • Give 100%–even when you don’t feel like it.  It’s the mark of a true professional.
  • Have a positive attitude–don’t fuss about things you can’t change.
  • Be sensitive to your customer’s needs.  (Remember the lesson of Tinker & Larson.)
  • Ask your customers for their opinions.  Do formal and informal surveys.  Call them on the phone, or talk to them in person.  Ask, Is there any one thing that we can do to serve you better?” 
  • Study your competition.  Make sure that you’re equal on quality, then beat them with superior service.
  • Quality is cleanliness.  Keep your facilities clean.  Make sure your people look good.  Make correspondence accurate, neat, and attractive.
  • Give customer’s their money’s worth plus a little.  Be like the restaurant owner who walked around with plates of fresh cookies at noon.  Everyone got one and they were free of charge.  How neat is that!

There are so many things that you can do to create MOMENTS OF MAGIC for your customers.  Sit down and brainstorm with your employees what it would take–then start.  Don’t wait another day to create your own MOMENTS OF MAGIC.

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