Go Think! You Will Thank Me Later

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When was the last time you took time to sit and think? No TV, no music, no background noise, just you and your thoughts.

When an issue arises that you would like to consider in more depth, write it down. This will provide the focus for your “think time”. According to Psychology Today, think time is critical in today’s distracted world. Our brains need quiet to think creatively and develop new ideas.Seek silence. Noise is distracting and eats into thinking time. Consider this as a time to meditate on whatever you want.

This time is a gift. Use it to renew and rebuild.

Block time in your schedule and guard it with your life.

In his book The Road Less Stupid, Keith Cunningham has written 48 chapters perfectly crafted for owners and leaders in business. Chapters end with the admonition to use thinking time to ponder the experience. He includes a list of questions to help you be more creative and avoid pitfalls. As Cunningham reminds us, “Smart people do dumb things.”

Here are a few of his most intriguing questions.

  • What am I optimizing for?
  • What one meaningful, specific outcome, if I achieved it, would have a significant, positive impact on my business?
  • What are the specific obstacles standing in the way of me making measurable progress on this outcome?
  • What are the three most significant things I could do this week that would kick the can and close the gap by moving me closer to my priority?

Every chapter of the book ends with the words NOW . . . Go Think! You will thank me later.

The road is easier together,

Time is precious. We are grateful you’ve chosen to spend some with us today.

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