Has 2021 been a hard year?

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Even during “normal” times, in business and in our personal lives, we encounter challenges and uncertainty. The past year has forced us to live constantly with uncertainty.

Whether your uncertainty comes from the pandemic, the economy, your finances, health, or relationships it can be draining. Fear and uncertainty can leave you feeling stressed, anxious, and powerless.

We all wonder what 2022 and beyond will present us with. We try to predict the future and avoid nasty surprises. But for some, that uncertainty results in worry. Worrying can make it feel like you have some control but in reality, robs you of enjoyment in the present, saps your energy and keeps you up at night.

Here are four tips to help you deal with uncertainty.

Focus on controlling the things that are under your control

By focusing on aspects of a problem you can control, you’ll switch from ineffective worrying to active problem solving. You may find that in some situations all you can control is your attitude and emotional response.

Challenge your need for certainty

Challenge the behaviors you’ve adopted to alleviate your discomfort. Ask yourself, what are the advantages and disadvantages of certainty? What in life is absolutely certain? What’s the likelihood that the issue will end badly? Answering those questions can reduce stress and worry and free up time and energy for more practical purposes.

Recognize and accept the inevitable uncertainty of life

Identify your triggers and recognize when you need certainty. A lot of uncertainty is self-generated through excessive worrying. Notice the physical symptoms when you start feeling anxious and fearful: is there tension in your neck or shoulders, is your heart racing, do you have that empty feeling in the pit of your stomach?

Reduce your anxiety and stress level

When you experience the discomfort of uncertainty, take slow, deep breaths, try meditation. Let go and accept uncertainty as a part of life. Focus on acting on things you can control and living in the present.

Leave the worrying in 2021. Take only the lessons you learned from past challenges with you into the new year.

We know life will continue to be full of challenges and uncertainty.  Focus on the positives and make 2022 your year to flourish.

The road is easier together,

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