Have You Added Value Lately?

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“Where’s the magic?  I’m not feeling it, are my customers? “

David looked apprehensive as he said those words. At midyear, he has consistently taken stock of where he is and where he hopes to go. He looks at what has changed in the economy, scopes out the competition, and quizzes fellow roundtable members on what their plans are.

Each year, David has changed a few processes and vowed to do a better job in the next six months. But he always feels as if something is missing; that he needs to provide more value than in the past.

Here are some ways to provide value and help you “up” your game.

  • How easy is it to do business with you? Is the information on your goods and services easily accessible, and well-defined? Is every member of your team on board with going the extra mile?
  • Is your company in alignment with your customer’s brand? Do you represent the same core values?
  • Have you asked your customers what they value in their business relationships?
  • Can you define what is unique about your product or experience?
  • Are the interactions with your customers constructive? What are you doing to create lasting positive impressions?
  • Is quality more important than price?
  • What are your strengths: marketing, communication, innovation, and customer service? Where can you improve? Design an effective value proposition that sets you apart from the market.
  • When is the last time you educated your customers on how to get the most value from your product or service?
  • How do you reward loyalty?
  • How do you keep customers engaged? Do you provide interactive content on social media, partnership with events, and keep customers updated on new innovations and services? Does every interaction provide an opportunity to increase perceived value?

What new ways will you find to provide value to your customers?


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