Heads or Tails

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heads or tails

One of the most valuable skills you can learn and one of the hardest to master is how to make good decisions.  In my work with business owners I’ve seen many different techniques.  Timothy Carter describes some of my favorites.

  1. The Gut Instinct Follower.  Simple, and experienced based.  It may seem superficial, but the human brain is programmed to evaluate many variables and make snap decisions.
  2. The Interviewer.  This person reaches out to top advisors, peers, employees, friends and family.  She factors in the insights and opinions she has gleaned, then makes her decision.
  3. The Exhaustive Researcher.  Meticulous and process-oriented; this person will draw new information from as many sources as possible.
  4. The Objective Debater.  Like the Exhaustive Researcher, this person will gather tons of information and make exhaustive pro/con lists.
  5. The Random Chance Submitter.  You’ve done your research and evaluated the options, but there’s no clear winner.  A coin-flip isn’t the best way to make a decision, but it’s an acceptable last resort if you are certain the choices are both worthwhile.

You may see shades of yourself in these options and that’s good.  It means you’re open to trying different approaches for different situations.

The more willing and you are to adapt, the better decisions you’ll make.

The road is easier together,

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