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This is a word I hardly ever use and one I don’t hear others use often either.  It’s a powerful word, defined as “suffering from intense grief – crushed by grief”.   

A week ago yesterday I was surprised to heard the word heartbroken twice in the span of two hours.

First, from a hard-as-nails-looking soldier spokesman as he described how the leadership at Fort Hood felt about the shooting that killed three people and wounded 16.  The look on the soldier’s face was one of heartbreak.

The word was later repeated by President Obama as he described the pain he and the nation felt for the families of the fallen.

Heartbroken perfectly describes an emotion that is stronger than sad.  It is a word that says we are emotionally involved and personally affected by another’s pain.

It’s a word I’m going to add to my vocabulary and use in situations where “sad” just isn’t enough.

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