How Far Will You Go?

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What determines what we will achieve in life?

It’s a question that has plagued people for ages.  One indicator is mental toughness: resilience against attack, calmness in the face of uncertainty, persistence through pain, focus amid chaos.

Here are three videos – each an example of mental toughness.

Tiger Woods hits an impossible chip shot at 2005 Masters Tournament. Look at focus on Wood’s face as he approaches the ball.
Petra Majdic, Olympic Cross-Country Skier exhibited extreme mental toughness after a devastating crash early in the 2010 Olympics.
Wayne Steffenhagen coached football 30 years at D.C. Everest High School.  He drove his team to greatness teaching them the principles of mental toughness.  (Thank you Paul Gauerke for sharing this.)
People with mental toughness who achieve their goals

  • Are prepared for any turn of event and execute regardless of the situation.
  • Believe they will win by pushing themselves to consistently perform at maximum level.
  • Execute at peak performance without getting distracted.
  • Manage stress & pressure despite doubt, fear or anxiety.
  • Fail well – funnel the failure into a learning opportunity for the next performance.
  • Are willing to max-out limits extracting maximum effort in the face of pain, mental and physical stress and physical discomfort.
  • Are prepared.

We can all hone the skills of mental toughness: athletes, soldiers, parents and entrepreneurs.  It gives you the edge in determining how far you will go in life.  Go for it.

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