How to Say Goodbye

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After many years and thousands of dollars in services, Marie’s favorite stylist retired from XYZ Salon. Marie tried unsuccessfully to find another stylist that made her look and feel as good as her previous one had but to no avail. Frustrated, she scheduled an appointment at a different salon. She was thrilled with the results.

When Marie called to cancel her future appointments at XYZ Salon, she was surprised and sad when the receptionist simply took her name, cancelled her appointments and hung up. There was no mention of her years of patronage.

First impressions matter, but goodbyes matter more.

Customers may stop using your product or service for any number of reasons: budget cuts, new people or changes in business strategy. Losing a customer is always upsetting but continuing to grow your business necessitates learning from the goodbyes.

Discover why

Make sure any customer leaving your business feels heard and appreciated. Even if you disagree with their ‘why’, attempt to understand what they have an issue with. What could you do better in the future? Seize the opportunity to ask for feedback.

Say “Thank you”

The customer has given you her time, money and advocacy, now she is helping you improve your business by explaining why she is cutting ties. Be sure to say thanks for being a customer and for taking the time to explain her decision.

Leave the door open

When a customer chooses to leave, it may not mean goodbye forever – it may be more of a goodbye for now. A grateful goodbye leaves the door open for future business.

Word of mouth can make or break your reputation, what people have to say about your business has lasting ramifications. How you say goodbye could have a huge impact on the impression you make.

Hellos are happier and more fun, but goodbyes can result in a positive new beginning.

The road is easier together,

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